“My Vanity Storage”

Hi Beauties,

Here is a look into my vanity and all the products I use & love to store my thriving makeup collection 🙂

Lets get started:

A brief outline of where I purchased all my main vanity pieces from ❤
Side view of my vanity ❤

Chest Drawers – Ikea:

I have the entire Ikea MALM set in my bedroom including the vertical 6-drawer chest and the horizontal 6-drawer chest that you see above.

I absolutely love these furniture pieces for makeup storage because they are so spacious; I can fit everything in these bad boys.

Vertical Drawer Chest

Horizontal Drawer Chest

Mirrored setting tray used for my perfume & fresh flowers ❤

Mirrored Serving Tray – Target:

I bought mine last year so it’s not on the website anymore but you can find similar trays at Target or Home Goods.

My adorable Benefit Cosmetics coasters I received at a beauty event.
My vanity storage ❤


Acrylic Cosmetic Storage – Original Beauty Box:

I purchased this beauty box when I realized I needed more storage for my beauty products.

What I love about this is that I can fit so much makeup into my drawers & separate it at the same time. Plus, I am completely obsessed with how cute & girly my makeup looks through the clear acrylic.

Original Beauty Box


Acrylic Cosmetic Storage – Hautelook:

My beloved Hautelook carries some amazing cosmetics storage products that are inexpensive and have amazing quality. I’ve had this item for over three years and it’s still in perfect condition, no chips, no scratches, nothing!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hautelook, check out my blog post –> Hautelook

Eyeliners ❤
Eye products ❤
Lashes ❤
Pressed & loose powders ❤
Blushes ❤


Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer – Luxie Beauty:

This beauty has gorgeous crystal knobs that shine bright like a diamond every time the sun hits. The best part is that the top drawer can be flipped open or used as a pull out drawer. I use it as a pull out drawer because I need the extra space on top for my infinite amount of makeup brushes.

P.S. All the brushes with a pink handle are from Luxie beauty as well and they are my new favorite brushes in my collection. They are so incredibly soft and blend like a dream #obsessed

Luxie Cosmetic Organizer

I store my brushes in a million different things, one of them being old glass candle cups. Not only is it super cute but it also fits a lot of brushes. Some other options for brush storage are using glass drinking cups, short vases, pencil holders, acrylic cups, mason jars, etc.
Everyday eyeshadow palettes of choice ❤
The “random crap drawer” ❤
Concealers & Illumanizers ❤
Mascara ❤
Highlighters & Bronzers ❤


Acrylic Cosmetic Storage – Muji USA:

These are two acrylic cases stacked on top of each other and I use these for all my lipsticks. These drawers are pretty short so you can’t really stack any products on top of each other, that’s why it’s perfect for lipsticks. I actually like that I can’t stack my lipsticks, because this way I can actually see what I have; the more I see, the more I use haha.

If you don’t have too many beauty products then you can even use these as regular storage.



I use my adorable Glossybox box cover as a little tray for my brushes, self tanners, body shimmer, and my favorite Hand Cream from Skin An Apothecary.

P.S. These mesh brush holders are actually pencil holders from The Container Store 

Lip Plumper’s & Lipsticks ❤
Lip Glosses ❤
Lip Pencils ❤
Lipsticks ❤
Liquid Lipsticks ❤
Lip Pencils/Lipsticks
Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks ❤ Coupon Codes: *Greta25*- for 25% off site wide *GretaLippies*- for Create Your Own Lip Combo (lipstick & gloss) for $20 *GretaJ4U*- Just 4 You Bundle (mix n match lipstick & gloss total of 4) for $39

Gerard Cosmetics

These last three drawers are for my jewelry ❤



72 Round Lipstick Holder – Lady Moss Beauty:

I purchased this lipstick holder because I knew it would hold a good amount of my ever-growing collection of lipsticks. Keep in mind that it does take up a lot of space and it only holds round lipsticks.

Lipstick Holder

That’s it for my vanity collection beauties. If you have any additional questions please comment below 🙂




5 thoughts on ““My Vanity Storage”

  1. This is such a beautiful set up and rivals my own beauty station! I adore beauty products so much (aka I’m a total product junkie). I just bought several more items for my palette storage. This was the one item that had me so stumped for storage options. I basically Googled until I found some incredible ideas and went thrift shopping to find what I needed. Now I’ve got some handy dandy organizers for all my various sized palettes. I ended up going with some pretty amazing dish rack & office folder type holders in various shapes and sizes. Some tall and stackable and others wider and shorter since palettes come in so many shapes and sizes. It’s perfect cause this way I will be able to sort by type of palette (contour, eyeshadow, strobing, etc.) and also by size. And I can tell with a quick glance what is what. I am so obsessed with storage solutions because I’m a firm believer in “if you can see it, you will use it”. Makeup brings me such joy, I am happy just seeing all the products I own! I could look at it forever and be so happy! You definitely own more lip products than I do – I’m more of a lip gloss girl. I’ve got so many brow products because I have super sparse brows. I keep looking for the perfect brow products plus I change my hair color so often so I have a pretty big collection. I just got the new Ka Brow by Benefit (amazing!) and I’m thinking about trying Wunderbrow. Like you, I have a lot of makeup brushes. I love love love trying new brands and have a mix of high end and super cheap. The great thing about brushes is that you can store them in just about anything. So many storage options to choose from. And something as simple as office supply products can look so cool on a vanity.
    My next task will be to (finally) set up my nail station. I found some amazing storage items for polishes – one is a three tier spice rack for a cupboard. Works beautifully and fits any size and shape of bottle! I’m also on the lookout for a cool lazy susan to make more room on my vanity (which is basically a huge corner desk). I love that you can store so much on it and rotate it so you can still see everything but save space. Have you utilized a lazy susan for makeup before?
    I love learning from other beauty babes so THANKS for sharing pics of your vanity! We own A LOT of the same products btw. I have a lot of clear acrylic organizers as well, they’re great. Plus, we have the same dresser sets from Ikea! You’ve got a really awesome set up – I enjoyed seeing it and getting new storage ideas. ❤


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