Beautycon Summer Box!

You guys already know subscription boxes are literally one of my favorite things EVER! I love the surprise element, I love trying the new products, and most of all I love that I pay a small fee every month (or season) and get quadruple the amount of product #yassssss

For those of you who don’t know about BeautyCon, it is a festival/community of creators that gather and talk about all things trending (makeup, fashion, important issues, culture, etc). It’s kind of like an expo, but for all kinds of creators, celebrities, and the public. Almost all the Instagram and Youtube gurus attend, they speak on panels, they hold Meet + Greets, and they get to mingle with their favorite brands! For everyone else you can still go and meet all of your favorite bloggers (some celebs) and you can shop at your favorite booths! I haven’t had the chance to experience BeautyCon yet because I have been so busy every year on those dates but most of my fellow blogger friends go and they are always raving about. If you are interested, you can get more info on their official page 🙂

OK, back to the box.

BeautyCon started a new seasonal subscription box service curated & created by some of your favorite content creators. This seasons was Kandee Johnson, a popular YouTuber.

It is only $99 for the annual membership & $29 for the seasonal.

This  box had over $150 worth of products inside!

They were also sweet enough to offer my readers a code *wooohoo*

$5 off code:


(expires August 31, 2016)

Purchase the Summer BeautyCon Box HERE!

Now, let’s jump right into the box!

First & foremost, packaging is adorable. DUH!



Like all subscription boxes you get a little postcard with product info, this one has an awesome hand drawn portrait of Kandee.


& now the goodies 🙂




I love these wipes, I’ve tried them before and they are So handy when you are traveling or on the go.


WOW! NYX really surprised me with this formula. It is so creamy & long lasting. I swear it feels like I have nothing on. I did a fun lip swatch below 🙂


I have been using this moisturizer every time I hop in the pool & it feels great.
I have a million of these Jumbo Eye Pencils from NYX and now I have another shade added to my collection. These are so easy to use, especially in the summer, you just apply and run out the door. My secret is to use this shade when I am swimming because it doesn’t come off and when the sun hits my eyes they sparkle & glow from the glitter. LOVE!
This is the swatch WITHOUT flash.
This is the swatch WITH flash.
You guys know I’m not too big on hair products but I love sea salt sprays that add texture, especially this one.


I use this baby on all my clients for that perfect waterproof seal to their lashes! P.S. The packaging is everythingggg, look at those droplets 💦



If you have sparse brows (or even full) and you need a quick ‘pick me up’. This is a great product to have on hand. You just brush through your brow hairs and the powder fills in every gap. You do need to be careful though because if you deposit too much product it’s tough to get it out. If you want a safer alternative to using this start with an angled eyebrow brush and pick up product along the way, that’s what I do.


That is it for all the goodies in the box & I can’t wait to share the next one with you 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Beautycon Summer Box!

  1. That’s not a bad deal for everything that comes in the box. There are so many boxes out there that I can’t keep up. 😜 I am following you on IG & snapchat: mrslovelyann


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