IMG_9746.JPGHello Beauties,

My name is Greta Gasparian, better know as “fortheloveofmakeupbaby,” a popular beauty blogger and makeup artist. I graduated from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with a bachelors in Psychology at the ripe age of 20- shoutout to all my #classof2014 Bruins! During my years as an undergraduate I began blogging and quickly developed a passion for writing reviews and sharing my techniques. I am definitely one of those girls who was always into makeup, literally ALWAYS! I would sit in the hallway in between classes and watch YouTube tutorials to pick up on new techniques from artists all over the world. Then, I would find a face to practice on. I started to get better and better at makeup and before I knew it everyone around me wanted to get glammed-up by yours truly. I eventually gathered all of my beauty knowledge and translated it into a seminar – Makeup Basics – where I taught all types of women, from all age groups, how to perform makeup on themselves. The success of my past seminars led me to provide private one-on-one courses to anyone who wanted to further their education and enter the beauty industry with a BANG!

Today, I am a full time blogger, makeup artist, educator, and entrepreneur. I’m constantly working on new projects, collaborating with companies, organizing classes/seminars, building my list of clientelle and obviously doing what I love to do most- blogging!

To get a little more personal, I am definitely more than just a beauty guru! I’m an outstanding cook (#snapfam knows whats up; follow me on Snapchat: makeuplovebaby), a gardening fanatic, a decorative freak, and just a down-to-earth gal. I’d like to think I’m pretty funny too. This also might surprise you but although I love all things beauty, I hate anything pertaining to hair; I never ever do my own hair. One, because I can’t blow-dry if my life depended on it. Two, because I just suck.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I would love to know a little bit about YOU! I love connecting with you all so please don’t hesitate to send me an email about ANYTHING!




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